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About Us

Puentes began as a community outreach intent on providing guidance in locating and accessing fundamental social services.  From its origins serving the Latino community, it has quickly broadened to embrace all under-resourced/under-represented populations.  Its core programs are centered on Health and Wellness, Education, Employment and Advocacy, delivered through professionals, counselors and volunteers from within the organization as well as from more than 50 Community Partners. 


More recently, Puentes has evolved from simply assisting in the delivery of existing social services to becoming an innovator in the development of comprehensive, collaborative and culturally competent health and wellness solutions that seek to provide permanent, sustainable solutions through addressing root social determinants.

Some of the services offered by our Community Partners include:

Health and Wellness

  • Clinical and Dental Care for all - pay what you can afford.

  • Emergency Food Assistance.

  • Mental and Behavioral Health Care.

  • Family Counseling.

  • Advocacy.

  • Affordable Healthcare plans.

  • Ensuring through Insuring your financial wellness.


  • Basic daily needs such as food, clothing, school items, etc.

  • Programs for the education of individuals with disabilities and of those who are illiterate, disadvantaged or gifted.

  • Financial wellness resources to assist with money management, budgeting, improving your credit, saving for college, buying a home, understanding insurance products and more.

Help and Support

  • Employment.

  • Career Planning and Counseling.

  • Job Preparation, Training and Certifications such as TAM cards, etc.

  • Tools, uniforms and other necessities.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Starting a new business.

  • Growing an existing business.

  • Regulatory and Compliance matters.

  • Funding for training new employees.

  • Guidance with all forms of insurance, healthcare plans and employee benefits.

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