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Services, Projects and Initiatives

Since it began offering services on May 5th of 2019, Puentes has evolved from the simple coordination and delivery of social services to the development of comprehensive, collaborative and culturally competent health and wellness solutions.  Following are some of the services, programs and initiatives in which Puentes has had a leading role.

COVID-19 Patient Support Center

In early April, the Las Vegas medical community expressed a concern in regard to the ongoing care of COVID-19 positive patients who are being discharged to home, when stable, from the hospital.  Although these are on the surface, less pressing patients than those that become hospitalized, from an epidemiological standpoint, they are a far greater threat to the health of the community. The problem becomes, that when these patients are quarantined at home, many of them venture out for food, essentials, or face other pressures which force them not to maintain quarantine. This, in turn, puts other uninfected members of the community at risk. 


This concern was expressed to the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), who in turn contacted Puentes for assistance.  In response, in collaboration with the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus COVID-19 Task Force, Mi Familia Vota, the UNLV School of Medicine and Leaders In Training (LIT) the COVID-19 Patient Support Center was established.


The Center was developed to facilitate, to the greatest extent, the quarantine that COVID -19 positive, presumptive positive and other immunocompromised patients are asked to maintain.  We deliver free food, cleaning and medical supplies, as well as, in partnership with the UNLV School of Medicine, provide ongoing medical wellness checks to monitor the health and establish what resources patients and other family members in the home require to maintain in their homes, preventing the need for these patients to venture out and hence help reduce community spread.  

Click here for more information on the COVID-19 Patient Support Center.


The Collaborative Unification of Resources and Efforts (CURE) initiative is a major collaborative project that began in early 2020.  The goal is the development of a holistic, provider/resource network model that seeks to provide permanent, sustainable solutions by addressing root social determinants including education, income and wealth, employment, health systems and services, housing, the physical environment, transportation, the social environment, and public safety. 


The plan calls for the development of a campus in an under-served and under-resourced district within Clark County where we feel it may serve to its greatest potential and will be most effective in providing meaningful, focused solutions that will benefit the community, both today and well into the future.


Unfortunately the COVID-19 crises has diverted much of our attention from the development of the CURE initiative, however we are looking forward to a resumption of efforts in the near future.


For more information on the CURE Initiative, please contact Guy Girardin, Puentes' President, at 702 250.8055, or by email at

Community Outreach  

Puentes conducts ongoing community outreach in a number of locations however most frequently through our permanent location at the Broadacres Marketplace, 2930 North Las Vegas Blvd, Booth #74.  We are on location every Saturday and Sunday, normally from 9 A.M. until 3 P.M.  Broadacres is a very popular destination for Latino residents with a wide variety of vendors and events, drawing in excess of 1.3 million visitors a year. 


Community Partners are welcome to join us at our booth which will accommodate two, standard size tables and several coordinators.  This is a tremendous opportunity to reach into the community in creating awareness of the service your organization provides.  Please note, however, that in order to maintain the integrity and trust of the community, no sort of commercial activity is permitted in our space.


For more information on joining us at Broadacres, please contact Guy Girardin at 702 250.8055, or by email at  Spanish speaking volunteers are always appreciated!

Weekly Virtual Wellness Workshops

While there has been an endless stream of reporting on the COVID-19 crises, most is focused on the medical aspects, that is, social distancing, shelter in place, wash your hands, stay home if you're sick, etc., and not near enough on the growing emotional stress in our homes and communities.  This situation has been worsening as restrictions continue, and is particularly difficult for the many who have lost their sources of income, those who are not eligible for benefits and those who have other uncertainly looming in their futures.

To hopefully provide some comfort and assistance to those who are suffering from anxiety, fear and other emotional stress, Puentes, in conjunction with the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus,  Mi Familia Vota and a team of medical professionals, host free, weekly, virtual COVID-19 Wellness Workshops.  Workshops last an hour, and will accommodate both English and Spanish speaking participants.

Everyone is welcome, and participants may register on the home page of this website.


Drive-Through Resource Fair

In an effort to expand the delivery of food and other essential services to under-resourced communities during a time where social distancing and other restrictions prohibit traditional community center events, we arrived at the concept of a Drive Through Resource Fair.  In collaboration with The Just One Project who provide groceries through their pop-up market program and a number of other community partners, the Fair provides families with an opportunity to receive food and a wealth of information on the support services available to them during these difficult times.

The inaugural Fair will be held on Wednesday, June 10th, at Mater Academy which is a free, state public charter school located on the east side of Las Vegas that has two campuses with over 2,100 students, 75% of which are Hispanic, over 80% deemed economically disadvantaged.  They are not part of the Clark County School District and unfortunately are often overlooked when it comes to social services or community support.


Over the past few weeks, we, in conjunction with HPN Medicaid Services and Zappos, have been providing food assistance to Mater Academy families, to the extent of some 8,000 meals having been delivered.  We look forward to continuing to serve Mater Academy and the surrounding community, as well as to what we hope will be the first of many Drive-Through Resource Fairs. 

Community Seminars

In partnership with the Las Vegas – Clark County Library District Puentes has offered seminars on Immigration, and is currently planning the next on Healthcare Solutions that will include participation by Health Plan Nevada/UHC, the UNLV School of Medicine, Nevada Health Link, Hope Christian Health Center and TrueCare, collectively representing the gamut of healthcare solutions available in the community.


The seminar will address many issues including:


  • An overview of the various healthcare options available to everyone.

  • Assisting those with language and/or literacy challenges who may have difficulty navigating registration processes.

  • Clearing up confusion about eligibility policies.

  • Ensuring everyone receives some level of care regardless of financial or migratory status.


From a broader perspective, educating communities as to readily accessible healthcare options will divert non-emergency traffic from ERs, thus reducing the cost of uncompensated care and the associated burden on the healthcare system in general. 


Puentes currently sits on several committees engaged in a variety of initiatives within under-served communities, including:

  • Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus (NHLC) COVID-19 Task Force.

  • Co-chair of the NHLC Nevada Latinos Health Services Sub-Committee. 

  • Chair the Medical, Dental, Vision and Behavioral Health Task Force for the UNLV School of Medicine Mobile Health Collaborative (MHC).

  • 2020 Census Complete Count Committee, with a focus on the engagement of hard-to-count populations.

  • Latino Network of Southern Nevada

Please continue to monitor this page for information on upcoming events and initiatives, and as always feel free to contact us if we might collaborate with your organization towards the greater good of our community!

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